Games, fun, engagement, art, and (of course) systems — all on a podcast

I was recently interviewed for our local public radio station (WFIU!) for their show “Profiles” to talk about games, game design, systems thinking, and the future of games. On the same podcast are Alex and Kate Burch, who run The Code and Key Escape Rooms in my town (tons of fun, and I think I was part of a team — the weak link, for sure — who hold the current record for solving it the fastest), and Marco Arnaudo, another professor at Indiana University who specializes in tabletop games.

The host Aaron Cain and I had a fun and wide-ranging conversation including topics like game design, the future of games in society, collaborative storytelling, systems and systems thinking, different kinds of attention and interaction, the question of whether games are (or can be) art, and even the place of “fun” in games.

My part begins at about -42:43 on the site’s counter (a little less than 20 minutes in), but the whole podcast is worth a listen.


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