Two Great Company Letters

Company culture is important to me, and it’s a hard thing to get right.  Every company has a different feel, a different vibe.  I think it’s important to communicate this internally and externally — it’s how you determine who and what your company is.  Every now and again CEOs manage to do this by breaking out of the mold of dreary sameness in their public communications — somehow managing to not be bound by or afraid of their Board, their shareholders, or just looking foolish.

Two recent great examples of this kind of communication came from the CEO of Woot and the crafty pastamancers behind Kingdom of Loathing.

These releases show a lot of style, a huge amount of spot-on humor, and generally were just bright spots in the otherwise dull world of press releases. They were also true to their respective brands without being stuffy or obsequious (“For Woot, our vision remains the same: somehow earning a living on snarky commentary and junk”).

Personally, I don’t think I’m funny enough to carry something like that off.  We have a lot of fun on our team, but (for me anyway) there’s a serious side to what we do too, even if it is games.  But communicating this way isn’t about being funny; it’s really about being true to whatever and whomever your company is.  Speaking with a clear true voice is a powerful thing.  I hope we’re able to do that, and I hope more others are as well.

And despite my tone here sometimes, I hope we don’t take ourselves too seriously in doing so.

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